FREE Steve Spangler Science Geyser Tube
FREE Steve Spangler Science Geyser Tube

FREE Steve Spangler Science Geyser Tube

Conducting crackpot experiments with everyday items is one of life's great pleasures. When you're ten. If you're still carrying out half-baked 'research' with helium balloons, baking soda and old chemistry sets past the age of fifteen, you really should take a long hard look at yourself. And once you've done that you should buy the spectacularly infantile Geyser Tube.

As any wannabe egghead will tell you, idiotic thrill-seeking knows no age limit, especially when the thrill in question involves 30ft soda volcanoes. The Geyser Tube has been created to maximise the effect of the old mints-in-fizzy-pop routine; you know, the one where your sweeties react violently when plopped in a bottle of somethingade.

Simply load the mints in this screw-on transparent tube, lock it on your plastic pop bottle (any fizzy drink will do but diet stuff works best) and pull the pin. Oh yes, and run for it. Because the moment the sweets hit the liquid, a powerful soda geyser erupts from the top with enough pressure to reach 30ft - yes, 30ft! And thanks to this ingenious little gizmo you'll get a perfect launch every time without getting drenched.

If you're wondering what all this mints-in-pop hullabaloo is about, you're obviously new to the interweb. Videos of idiots (and we mean that in the nicest possible way) performing this scientific feat sans Geyser Tube have been circulating amongst awe-struck idiots across the globe for some time

We really can't stress how entertaining watching a ferocious fountain of pop blasting skywards is. And with the help of the Geyser Tube you'll be amazed at the height your geysers achieve. In fact, here at the Firebox lab this innocent looking plastic tube has resulted in a marked drop in productivity. But we haven't got time to discuss that now; we're off to the car park to set off a ten-bottle cola Krakatoa. Whoosh!


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sold already soz guys they cant of had many mod can delete this

all gone!!!

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i managed to get one as i happened to look at the time on my pc for it too be 23:59 lucky me i shall have some fun with this.

I bought one from Firebox just a few days ago.
Absolutely great fun. Works with normal cola and diet cola, it's just less sticky using diet stuff.
Have tried Coka Cola and Tesco's own brand.
Both equally great.
You can still get £5.00 off at Firebox.
See this link.

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