Free Stretch Mark Treatment Cream Samples @ Good To Know
Free Stretch Mark Treatment Cream Samples @ Good To Know

Free Stretch Mark Treatment Cream Samples @ Good To Know

Hate those red or silvery marks on your belly, thighs or bum? Whether you've got stretch marks from pregnancy or weight gain/loss, there are plenty of creams and oils on the market that claim to reduce their appearance. But which ones work?

We need your help to find out. We will be running a trial of a variety of stretch mark creams and need volunteers to test them. To apply you need to be able to commit to using the product exactly as the packaging states for 2 weeks. Please do not apply if you know you're going on holiday or won't be able to complete the trial due to other time constrictions.

If you're selected for the trial we'll send you one product from our gallery of stretch mark products. You will need to test the product for two weeks according to the instructions on the product. We will then send you a questionnaire on email, asking you questions such as did the product smell nice, was it a nice consistency etc, which you will need to complete and email back to us. And that's it!

You can keep the product after the trial is over and add any further comments to our gallery at a later date if you continue to use the product. We will publish results from the trial as soon as the 2 weeks is over.

How to enter:
If you'd like to take part in our trial, please email us at goodtoknow@ipcmedia.com with STRETCH MARK TRIAL in the subject line by Sunday, 27th February, with the following information:

Description and location of stretch marks
Reason for wanting to take part in the trial
Any other info: eg Sensitive skin, prefer oil/cream, whether you're currently pregnant etc

Please note that two weeks is a much shorter time than most of these products recommend using the product for, so please don't expect stretch marks to disappear in that time. We are just looking for signs of improvement that could eventually lead to a significant reduction.

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