Free Strongbow Sirrus Glass

Free Strongbow Sirrus Glass

Found 6th Dec 2006
Click 'free Sirrus glass' link on the right.

You need to enter a keyword - which is "sirrus".
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Cheers Bluesky!
Rep left and voted Hot! :thumbsup:
thank you for this
nice one thanks :), site very slow though
Thanks for that! Do they win the prize for slowest site though?

Thanks for that! Do they win the prize for slowest site though?

heh they should do.
Thanks for this! Voted hot in anticipation........still waiting for site to load!!
Looks like the site might have given up the ghost for now, keeps dropping out, much thanks in anticipation though
Thanks! The site did take about about 30mins in all, though
damn hooligans - you've crashed the site lol
Waited about 10 minutes to find out that the code was incorrect

thanks.. took about 30 mins.. but got there in the end.
Thanks, it is bleedin' slow though!

Heat and Rep Added

:pirate: CJ :pirate:
Hey reminds me of this place before the upgrades LOL
The code is correct!!! Althought it took me about 1hr!!!
Someome must of posted this on MSE!
Thanks OP. Finally got to the end.

Sirrus Glass Giveaway Thank you! You will receive your free glass through … Sirrus Glass Giveaway Thank you! You will receive your free glass through the post within 28 days.

Grr still loading..........
good offer im sure but site wont load for me either. keeps timing out ...
Nice find :-D

Sites abit on the slow side
Took ages but i got one! many thanks!
Finally.... Thanks :-D!
WOW! a new world record, it took 2 minutes from start to finish.

Thanks, rep & heat left.
Erm 1min just now - all freebie hunters must be in bed!

thanks - great find!
Thanks - site was fine for me.

Strongbow Sirrus is a really nice drink btw.
Thanks for this voted hot.
Good find,thanks:santa:
Much more convenient than borrowing one from a pub.
Cool, thanks!

Incidentally site is a lot quicker in the morning,. Tried eysterday evennig and couldn't get it but all went through in about ten minutes just now. (9:53).
The code didnt work for me either after taking forever to get to the page!
Just worked fine for me
For those of you using the code and finding that it's not working do you have cookies blocked? It won't work unless you allow them to upload a cookie at the code stage.
Thanks for this It'll go nicely with the Baileys glasses :santa:
Welcome to HotUKDeals new members here too :santa:
cheers bluesky am a cider drinker myself fingers crossed i receive a glass :santa: :santa:
ordered my freebe today :thumbsup:
The code worked for me, Using a capital S and took me long enough to fill the details and its on its way, expected within 28 days.
Finally after a few days trying, it works!

Thanks for the tip.
Saw some of these in Makro today, I think they were free if you bought a case of Sirrus....

I hope we get these cos they are about 10" high and look BRILLIANT..:santa:
Thanks for this, got mine within seconds of ordering:roll:
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