Free Stuff - Correction Pen from ringtonica
Free Stuff - Correction Pen from ringtonica

Free Stuff - Correction Pen from ringtonica

To receive your Free Ringtonica Correction Pen fill out and submit the form below. All fields marked with an "*" are REQUIRED. Submitted information is strictly confidential and is not made available to sources outside Ringtonica.

Limit one item per household or address. Please note: we reserve the right to change or discontinue promotions at any time.


Thanks again :thumbsup:

Thanks pinkmelons

I got loads of pop ups from going to that site

thnx heat added :-)


Heat on Pinksmelons, TQ

Simple, effective post - this is what HUKD is all about.

As I'm a lazy moose, handy that the site use autocomplete (if ya'll know what I mean ) so did not have to type one letter to get this deal!!

Why is a ringtone site offering free Tipex (err, I mean correction fluid)?

did anyone get
this is not available in your area.
Your request has been processed!
Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery.

heat added anyway thanks


note there is no marketing opt out so expect your address to be sold on.

thats why they do these 'freebies'.

nice freebie

Has anyone been plagued by a Platte Account since clicking on this link?
I had pop ups when i first went to the site and now i keep getting this Platte account install on my desktop even though i keep deleting it.
Something about paying to watch films??

Nothing like getting yourself a free correction pen! Heat added +

Another good find! heat + rep about to be added!

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