Free Stuff From Mars Chocolate
Free Stuff From Mars Chocolate

Free Stuff From Mars Chocolate

Register with the Mars Panel and you'll get the opportunity to test upcoming products for them. Can't say no to free chocolate.

Yes, I agree that my personal data is retrieved, stored and processed by CC&C Customer Care & Consulting GmbH on behalf of Mars GmbH. This information may be forwarded to units of the Mars Incorporated Group.
My personal data will not be forwarded to third parties without my explicit agreement. This agreement may be revoked at any time.



Far too much effort and info required. Sorry cold.

Been on this list for a few years, had 1 test of chocolate and also some dog food as part of same group. You won't be getting delivery of tons of free chocolate............

Seems like a lot of stuff to do for minimal chocolate, better off just nicking some of yours kids chocolate

Think I'll give it a miss thanks though(_;)

Had quite a few bits from this

Far too much information wanted, 5 different surveys to fill out before you are a member

even though there's loads to fill out nothing apart from the first sign up process is actually personal. Most if it is just about what brands you use.

cheers OP!
Edited by: "nicster08" 5th May 2011

Iv been a member for about 2 years and Iv tested 1 bar of chocolate, not on of the best sites

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