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Free Suit 48 hour Rental for Job Interviews (includes delivery) @ H&M
2930° Expired

Free Suit 48 hour Rental for Job Interviews (includes delivery) @ H&M

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2930° Expired
Free Suit 48 hour Rental for Job Interviews (includes delivery) @ H&M
Posted 16th Apr 2021

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Nice initiative from H&M which launched yesterday. The suit is even delivered to your home, although you will need to return the suit to the store within 48 hours of the suit being delivered.

The ONE/SECOND/SUIT consists of a single breasted navy blue jacket with a matching pair of trousers, a white shirt, a navy blue tie and a red handkerchief. Delivered in a garment bag.

Rental conditions
The duration of the rental is 48 hours, starting from the time of delivery to my stated delivery address.The rental service is available in Great Britain only (excluding Northern Ireland) and is free of charge unless a penalty fee needs to be paid (see: Failure to return).Return

I am aware that this is a short-term rental and that returning the suit on time is important.The suit must be returned using the supplied return packaging and the pre-printed shipping label.The return must be returned no later than the return date.

Late return
In order to lend as many of these suits as possible, H&M need to ensure they are returned on time. I am aware that in case of late return, i.e. later than the return date, I will be charged a penalty fee of £50. The fee will be donated to one of H&M’s charity partners.

Failure to return
If the suit has not been returned more than 72 hours days after the return date, the suit will be considered as lost. In the event of non-return, a fee matching the UK retail price (£116.94) for the suit will be charged by invoice.Deteriorated condition

If the suit is returned in a worse condition than when rented a fee of £116.94 will be charged. It is up to the discretion of H&M to decide whether the garment is in a worse condition or not. Any stains that can be removed via dry cleaning or rips that can be easily repaired, will not be considered as being in worse condition.
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