FREE Swim Voucher (Anyone, Not just BG Customers)
FREE Swim Voucher (Anyone, Not just BG Customers)

FREE Swim Voucher (Anyone, Not just BG Customers)

British Gas free swimming voucher still available until 31/03/2010 but no longer asks for a british gas account number

Use the link, pick your pool and date, print voucher


Original Poster Banned

Please un-expire


this is great many thanks -why is it expired just printed mine:thumbsup:

have reported so mods can unexpire

added heat, will follow

Thank you!!!

Thanks so much just got a voucher, my little boy will be pleased! :thumbsup:

HOT HOT HOT! H&R for you.

Just got my voucher.

cheers amigo

thanks just ordered mine - ours is it our local hotel which just happens to have all the premiership football teams stopping there when they play Hull FC (or whatever they are called). May get to see some eye candy aswell. :w00t:


fab, thanks.


cool n thanx. just booked 4 diff dates for my daughter and her friends at our local baths. (used diff details each time)

brilliant....thank you

Really sweet, thanks OP. H&R

Yea thanks for this..a day for the whole family!Lol

Cheers - nice one

Booked a couple of dates for me and my sister in May - in a vain hope to be body beautiful and fit for summer :oops:

Really Good !

cheers muchly.......heat added

cheers mate heat

Thanks great spot op! Used free voucher yesterday successfully saved £40 on day rate at our local hotel.

Thanks. Went to my local David Lloyd. Going to be difficult to go back to swimming at local council run, overcrowded over priced swimming pool.

Nice deal

Thank you.
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