Free T-shirt worth £21 +P&P @ vistaprint

Free T-shirt worth £21 +P&P @ vistaprint

Found 24th Jun 2013
Get a free t-shirt - and you can even design it yourself!

You can choose between free men's, women's and kids t-shirts (both short and long sleeved for men and women) worth up to £21!

You can add your own logo, photo or text to make it a truly personal gift or fun present for yourself.
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Where? There are no free T-shirts on the Vistaprint page you linked to.
A direct link would be good.......cause I cant find the freebie !!
Nothing is ever free from vistaprint, add on upload fees and delivery charges to the "free t-shirt" and the price is a lot more than free.

+P&P as usual.
P+P from VistaPrint usually costs just under £5 for the slowest delivery, plus extra surcharges like more interesting designs and image upload fees. You'll go in for a free t-shirt, coming out having paid £8 for a poor quality shirt that you'll likely never wear.
VISTAPRINT! Run away!!!!!!!!!!
VISTAPRINT=CON offers my !!!!
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