free T3 magazine and another 3 issues for only £1!

free T3 magazine and another 3 issues for only £1!

Found 16th May 2007

i checked my inbox, and found an email from firebox. in this email it told me to click the link and after phoning the number provided i was able toget a free issue of T3 magazine. they didnt ask me for any confirmation of me being a firebox member, so i guess any1 can apply for this offer.

also, they offered me a further 3 issues for £1, and said if i wanted to cancel i cud do so before the 3 month period was over.

PS. i have found many great deals on hotukdeals, and just wanted to share this deal with you.its also my first time posting a deal, i hope i hae done it correct!



i made a similar post but mine one got deleted. this is unfair. anyway can people who did this offer b4 do it again bcos i did this offer with dixons than cancelled so my question is can i do it again????????????

Thanks for the post instinct. Sorry it was out of the forum for a while, but we were just checking it out

@ student20077 - you posted a duplicate of a different offer.

signed up thanks

i did this 3 for 1 cancelled my direct debit then signed up again using my sisters email if it works il tell u!

Got mine today, it comes with a £3, £5 or £10 Firebox voucher. Mine was £5!!!
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