Free Tape Measure
Free Tape Measure

Free Tape Measure

To request a FREE tape measure simply complete this form and submit it to us. We will send a tape measure by return.


Hi and thanks for that! "Please send me a free tape measure with immediate effect!"

You can help yourselves to free tape measures in ikea too!!!

Thanks, voted hot

I applied for this last time the deal was posted. Nothing came.


I applied for this last time the deal was posted. Nothing came.

same here.


yeah, same as others where i applied for this exact deal to no avail


Don't Bother

Having to fill in a form rules it out for me, I won't go to those lengths for a free tape-measure. How long before you got one anyway? Etc.

How much energy do you think it's going to take to ship you, your FREE tape measure?

Do you really need one?

[Sorry, I'm feeling a little Green today]

Cold, you don't get anything from them.

i tried previously and never got one, but if you dont try then you wont no.

[FONT="Arial Black"]I dont get why most of them are lies you don't get any of the stuff half the time.

Most of them are free advertisment!


Entered,cheers,pinkmelonsmr2. http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/7131/haveagreatdaypupbf4.jpg


recevied nothing last time posted but voted hot as people still looking and without them we wouldnt have hotdeals

I started getting the samples these days.....even at first i thot they were all hoax.....good....I wud like to have one of these,but since many ppl have told that they dint get the item,i dont wanna waste my time in filling out the lengthy survey form....

this is stupid thread u can get a tape measure out of a christmas cracker! o well its free...

in 4 a penny.....

TYVM. Heat added

I like free stuff
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