Free Tape Measure
Free Tape Measure

Free Tape Measure

To request a FREE tape measure simply complete this form and submit it to us. We will send a tape measure by return.



thanks been wanting one of these for ages, rep and heat

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[COLOR="Magenta"]Thanks T_Kake[/COLOR] :friends:

Thanks will come in handy :thumbsup:

Thanks alot pinkmelon

Thanks H&R added

Thank you for this brill deal - it's one of these items when you need one and you can't find it.
Hopefully I will always have one to hand now.

You post such great deals on here - I am always looking for them!!

Thanks again x

Entered, cheers http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/7260/topcat.jpg

Thanks- have some heat:-D


Another source of free tape measures is Ikea, which has long heavy-paper ones as you enter their store. We usually grab a few when there, they come in useful when I misplace the proper one! :whistling:

This will come in handy no doubt
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