Free Taste Card - 2 for 1 in Over 4,500 Restaurants

Free Taste Card - 2 for 1 in Over 4,500 Restaurants

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Found 25th Apr 2011
If you like eating out but need to save money, sign up for a free Taste card and you'll be able to enjoy 2 for 1 deals of 50% off your total food bill in over 4,500 restaurants around the UK!

This is a one month trial only. After that, you'll have the option to choose whether or not you want to buy one for £69.95 for a year. That said, there are often promotional codes around to give you a discount, so keep your eyes peeled!


Usually this is a 3 month deal... I have had it twice lol.

i've got 2 tastecard 1 year exchange coupon
want to sell them away


i've got 2 tastecard 1 year exchange couponwant to sell them away

£2 on ebay delivered.

Most of the places that give discount you can print vouchers off from the companies website anyway. Worth getting for free but not subscribing too. Voted hot anyway

free and it gets voted cold. Strange people on here. Hot from me to get back in positives.

Hot..for me.Thanks!

Hot for me my son



£2 on ebay delivered.

Cheers for that, seen them as low as £1.80 with free delivery. My 3 month one runs out in a fortnight, only used it once but it saved me £30!

definitely interested in knowing how to obtain the free 1 year exchange voucher

I paid £3 for 2 of them on ebay, codes emailed within the hour and both accepted fine when redeemed. If you use it once you'll save 10x the cost of one card.
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