Free Tennis Sessions and Coaching
Free Tennis Sessions and Coaching

Free Tennis Sessions and Coaching

Get free tennis sessions and coaching as part of the Lawn Tennis Association's (LTA) Great British Tennis Weekend. It has 1,600+ events spread across 900+ venues in England, Scotland and Wales. A coaching lesson can cost up to £15 per person, so this is a good deal.

The best bit is you can go to as many sessions as you like. The events are on the following dates so the ball's in your court to decide which ones to go to:

Sat 28 & Sun 29 Jun
Sat 19 & Sun 20 Jul
The activities will vary between venues, but these can include cardio tennis, mini tennis, coaching and just having a play. It's open to all abilities and ages, but some sessions might cater for certain age groups.

Group sizes will vary. All equipment is included so you don't need to bring a racket or balls. All the information and venues can be found on its website.

How to book
It advises you to book online in advance where you can, but you can turn up on the day as long as there's room. You won't be able to book in advance at some smaller venues though - in these cases just go along.

You can book for multiple people and sessions, but you'll need to book different venues separately on the system. Booking will be available till the day of the event, or until the session is booked up.


There are eight tennis courts in parks local to me, none are lawn

The LTA is just a name for the company that looks after tennis in the UK. Doesn't mean that this is only for lawn courts.

Been posted twice already


LTA isn't only lawn. I use their courts weekly.

yeah, it's not lawn only, concrete courts too

Cheers, booked onto an adult coaching session at David Lloyd.

I'm sure I booked up for an event tomorrow but I can't find a confirmation email.

Can you tell me if they got one and if so, who it came from or what the title of the email was?

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