Free Terrahawks Audio Book Episode (download)

Free Terrahawks Audio Book Episode (download)

Found 27th Apr 2015
I've found out that you can download the 2nd Audiobook episode of Terrahawks from Big Finish (plus Zelda reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas).

They are even voiced by most of the original cast!

Just to let you know that they want you to register an account to get your free episode.

I'm just downloading them now
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Great show! How scary was Zelda? her looks and laugh...
Agreed. But those boxy cube things...just sinister.
Used to watch this as a kid... was fine when the humans were on, but if the Terrahawks were on I ran out of the room or behind the sofa. Ahhh memories...
Loved Terrahawks! Heat
If you'd caught the making of programme about the new Thunderbirds you'd have spotted that Sylvia Anderson is Zelda
Edited by: "CyBerman" 29th Apr 2015
Zelda was like your gran going evil. Very scary!!
omg zelda scared the **** out of me lol
How can it possibly be a "full cast" without Windsor Davies as Zero? He was on my Terrahawks cassette tape and read-along book I had when I was little.
Edited by: "Elevation" 1st May 2015
Zelda seen in Scotland...

Edited by: "Toecutter" 2nd May 2015
there are also some free doctor who episodes on that website too if you look about
Edited by: "R37R0" 2nd May 2015
Great, thanks
I used to love watching this, there was another similar one but I don't remember the name.
scared me as a child, cold
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