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FREE Terry's chocolate orange from 9th December with Vodafone Veryme unique code @ WH Smith

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The offer is one free Terry’s Chocolate Orange Milk: 157g from WH Smith. For any item over this value, the difference must be paid by the customer. To benefit from the offer, you must claim a unique code in the VeryMe Rewards app and present your unique code at a staffed checkout in a participating WH Smith store along with your qualifying Terry’s Chocolate Orange Milk: 157g from WH Smith. Using this method, one item can be claimed per user. Customers will have 10 minutes to claim the offer in a participating WH Smith store once they have claimed their unique code. Products may contain allergens, please check ingredients before consumption.'
Vodafone More details at Vodafone
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    Just take a video screenshot and visit several outlets using the same code. They only need to visually see the code as they already have their own till code for the offer.
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    I hate to be negative nelly, especially on a freebie - but WH Smiths are the worst especially on VF freebies.
    Totally. Most won't accept screenshots. Had this issue before.
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    Is this freebie only available today, December 9th?

    Or when does it continue until?
    Can't find an expiry date for this promo
    Expires today, but unlikely you’ve had gotten one anyway! I went into store at 11am, staff didn’t know anything about it but there weren’t any to be seen on the shelves.
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    Free Terry's Chocolate Orange? Bound to have superficial damaging to the box but the chocolate's perfectly edible. (edited)
    I literally came to the comments just to make this joke! You beat me too it! CASH BACK!
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    My cashier was nice, didn’t even need my phone. When she scanned the orange through the till offer popped up. Apparently only works on milk chocolate ones but she was nice and let me take a white one. Nice start to the day
    Mine said sorry only works on milk chocolate
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    They don't use the codes btw, so if you use the same code and share it with everyone it's fine. Cause they have there own code that they scan to give It to you for free
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    Good spot!
  8. Avatar
    I'll have four which I won't be using.
    Any chance I can grab one of these?
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    I should have 2 codes anyone want them? I’d like a Costa coffee if you will have one - even if you don’t it’s okay.
    If possible? Don’t have any Costa voucher I’m afraid sorry
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    I’ll have a code if anyone has a spare, I’ll give it to my Nan, she loves these… thanks
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    Woman checked that it was counting down in the app. 

    valid for 10 mins, had loads of old ladies in the queue taking their time

    actually surprised I managed to get one as I live in the town where Vodafone HQ is. Usually all gone straight away  (edited)
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    Will only be today. As has been said they use their own codes, you can't use these codes on self checkout.

    People moaning about not being able to use screenshots-entitled much?
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    48985874-xPi6O.jpgGot mine
  14. Avatar
    Its not Terry's its mine!
  15. Avatar
    If anyone needs code tomorrow DM me
    Edit: Code gone (edited)
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  17. Avatar
    Ten minutes to claim?????
    Open the app when in the store. Screenshot usually works as long as you use the code before the day ends.
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    Will have 2 of these to swap tomorrow if anyone has anything decent to offer preferably Nero.
  19. Avatar
    Thanks op(y)
  20. Avatar
    Got to love a chocolate orange
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    Have a £1 Caffe Nero (any size) code that I can swap for this. (edited)
    I'll swap that with you tomorrow if you want
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    Good luck , they won’t accept it or will say they know nothing about it .
    Luck of the draw on your store unfortunately sounds like you have a bad one. I've never had one refused to date thankfully. (edited)
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    Ours never has stock whenever these offers are on
    Same, I don’t bother with the WHSmiths offers anymore because everytime I’ve tried in the past they never have the stock of the item, but then funnily enough the item is back in stock the next day when the offer has finished However, I made an exception for this as I do like a chocolate orange, but guess what, at 8.30am when I walked past there was none on the shelves. Seemed to be plenty yesterday lunchtime when I checked, maybe they knew I was coming with 3 codes (edited)
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    🔥 Thank you for this
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    I’m probably not going to use this so I’m happy to trade for a student beans code if anyone has one?
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    I will happily swap my terry's chocolate orange code if anyone has anything decent to offer tomorrow

    ***GONE (edited)
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    Thanks OP
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    Anyone have a £1 cafe nero code which they would like to swap for odeon cinema 2 for £7 code?

    Or any student offer
    A bit random, this is a Terry's chocolate orange deal. (edited)
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    Hopefully this can be used at rail stations?
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    Love these
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    It's not Terry's, it's mine...
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    I have a free code if anyone wants it. I won’t be using it.
    Yes please if its still there!
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    Thank you!
  34. Avatar
    I have a code available if anyone wants it
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    Would anyone on veryme who hasn't used the cookie offer like to exchange codes for this? I'd like to order another cookie but don't use WHSmiths.
    Cookie offer has ended mate
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    Can I screen shot the code and use it tomorrow?
    Nope, they don't even accept screenshots today nevermind tomorrow
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    I have a spare code if anyone wants just pm me.
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    I have a spare code and happy to trade for one of the sweet treat greggs next week. Please Pm
  39. Avatar
    Tried to use this in Stratford-upon-Avon's WH Smith this morning - Milk Chocoloate Orange's had all gone so tried my luck with a white chocolate one, but no good
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    **gone** (edited)