Free Theatre Ticket Offer
Just got an email from Lastminute.com saying they're giving away free tickets this Friday at 10am.

All the best!


Do you have to sign up or will the deals be posted?
Like see film first.

Need to be registered on their website, but mark my words - waste of time.

This is not aimed at OP, (thanks for pointing out) - just that everytime I have tried - the last 4/5 deals - I get nothing.

I appreciate there are some lucky souls who get the deals, but this reminds me of Hoxton Hotel - a bit naff!

I think these are brilliant - my both daughters had to be in London two weeks ago, one for the BBC and the other for a meeting, I managed to get them two nights in the Thistle Barbican for £10 per night - normally £120 upwards

probably be like the last minute.com deal last week-everyone logged on at 10am and everything was sold out and then realised the terms and conditions stated the deal started a month earlier...just a way to get people on to their site without having to give anything away for free or for cheap. not voting hot or cold just yet, wait to see if anyone gets any free tickets

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I checked at 9:56am and it was already sold out!

Ridiculous :x, logged in at 10am......sold out
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