Free Theatre Tickets for 16 - 26 yr olds - Arts Council

Free Theatre Tickets for 16 - 26 yr olds - Arts Council

Found 11th Jun 2009
Free Theatre Tickets for 16 - 26 yr olds - Countrywide

Now here's something you don't see every day - a free night out at the theatre on us!
If youre under 26 and want to try something different, then you can get free tickets to some of the best shows around. Simply use the search box to find participating theatres near you and book some free tickets!

worth a reminder

great freebie as it is countrywide


Feel free to contradict me if you've tried this but my expirence has been its not worth the effort and constant phone calling and having to arrive early etc for this to be worth it even if it is free.

Although every theatre is different I think you'll mostly find that:
- You can often only go on week nights
- Extremly limited selection of less well known shows
- You won't get good seats
- You'll have to arrive over an hour before everyone else or they sell your tickets
- You'll have to phone and get called back and phone again before you get anywhere using this offer with theatres.

I'm not voting hot or cold but just saying my expirence has not been a good one and i won't try it again.

Not nationwide, england wide....

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Not nationwide, england wide....


If only I was still young enough to qualify..

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