Free Thomas & Friends Poster

Free Thomas & Friends Poster

Found 18th Feb 2008Made hot 18th Feb 2008
Simply fill in the form below to receive your copy of our glossy, double sided poster! It shows all of our Thomas & Friends toys with boxes for you record your collectition as it grows and makes a lovely poster for any Thomas & Friends fan.

( I noticed a couple of spelling mistakes but have checked the site out and all seems ok)


voted hot, with 2 small boys thats good, hides the ripped and drawn on wallpaper, good job:whistling:

ordered for my nephwe, thanks

Hmm not bad...

ordered for my grandson

thanks, voted hot

Never mind the kids, this is going on my wall! :thumbsup:

Ordered one, thanks, heat added.

Ordered For My Grandson, Thank You

thanks for that, my 2 year old nephew is obsest with thomas

thanks - heat added ;-)

Excellent, voted hot +rep...

Thanks Jacqueline1966

Thanks, just ordered a couple.


voted hot - thanks - cant believe i used to watch thomas as a kid and now 30 yrs on my kids are also watching it


voted hot, cheers!


Voted hot!!:thumbsup:

voted hot for my 17 yr old cousin :P

only ordered mine last week and received it already thanks

Got this a few days ago. Not as great as I thought it would be, but still pretty cool :whistling:

[FONT="Garamond"][SIZE="4"]It won't allow me to go to the link, it won't work on my computer!![/SIZE][/FONT] :thinking::?

Received mine - more like a big advert than a poster, mind...
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