Free ticket Football World cup  at ITV Fever Pitch

Free ticket Football World cup at ITV Fever Pitch

Found 17th May 2014
Free ticket at Itv site for Fever pitch 2014. But get them quick lots of them have gone already. All at Granada studio tours Manchester, Big screen watch.
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Booked for England v Costa Rica as I'm due in manchester on the previous monday so can elongate by a day no doubts
Decent Manchester based freebie .. if only a London equivalent were iminant at some point too ..... lol. :-)
I got some for the semi's cheers
dont understand the cold vote? perhaps its the machine!
No idea why this has been voted down so much.

Thanks so much for posting - I was too late for tickets for the final but got tickets for both Semi Finals and the opening game.
Cheers, up in Manchester for a wedding on the 20th June, so booked tickets for the following day, might pop in for an hour or 2 and check it out.

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Ha ha someone from London moaning that they'd like it down there. Everything is tailored towards London. It's nice for us 'up North' to get something for once. We'll take our whippets along and walk down the street which will be cobbled as we have yet to discover Tarmac.
Hi, if anyone has a couple of spare England tickets or iran vs argentina please email me Mod Edit: personal contact details removed
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