Free Tickets for BBC Shows

Free Tickets for BBC Shows

Found 5th Jan 2009Made hot 8th Jan 2009
Just noticed this on the BBC website....

Free tickets for some of their shows, including
- Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
- [email protected] (radio show)
- Invitation Concerts with the Ulster Orchestra (radio show)
- Discovering Music (radio show)
- Elevenquest (new radio sitcom)
- Mark Steel's in Town (radio show)
- Counterpoint (radio show)
- Hear and Now (radio show)
- Living with the Lights On (radio show)
- Artuart (radio show)
- World Book Club (radio show)


I went to a screening of 'Clone', only to realise I had to sit through 3 episodes so they can record my laugh.

Live recordings are so much better then screenings.

Lastly, this isn't a deal

Oh, and depending upon the type of show, you may not see an entire show being made start to finish - sometimes they film a number of eposides in parallel (gladiators etc).

Still, its good fun tho! If you're taking the kiddies watch out for age restrictions, many programs are 16+

i went to the filming of the Morwenna Banks (from ch4's Absolutely) show, way back in about 1998, & saw the filming all of the sketches on 4 or 5 sets being filmed, & got to meet most of the cast of Absolutely in the bar too. plus, they showed us the previously recorded outdoor sketches, for our laughter. it was a great show, shame it wasn't a hit.

I went on there to try and book 3 pints but they are fully booked! Oh well


I went on there to try and book 3 pints but they are fully booked! Oh well


fully booked... and we'er late.. its ok mate..

Two Pints of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps booked, boo hoo


Man i love that blondy in 2 pints. Looks like it will take longer then i anticipated for her to fall in love with me.

went on sunday to see two pints had a great time got stuck in the snow on my way back to margate
as for the blonde she might fall in love with you
if she dont see me first
and as for the squeaky bird nice bod
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