Free Tickets for Law Abiding Citizen
Free Tickets for Law Abiding Citizen

Free Tickets for Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen opens everywhere on 27.11.09 but we've teamed up with Momentum Pictures to give you the chance to see it first and for free.

To claim your free tickets, click on the link below
(www.momentumscreenings.co.uk) and follow the on-screen instructions by entering your details and the promotional code SCT869

Select your chosen cinema and if tickets are available you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Please print the confirmation email out and take it along with you to the screening. Screenings will take place at 6.30pm on 11.11.09. Tickets are allocated on a first come first served basis, so be quick to avoid disappointment!




thanks 2 for West End London heat added

Heated... :thumbsup:

But nothing near me... :cry:

I still can't seem to get tickets and this is the 3rd code that I've used

Thanks also managed to get west end

seems not any in Scotland

Thanks, got two for Gateshead. heat and rep added

Excellent got tickets for Bolton

Off to Bolton!!! Excellent.

Here's a list of the screenings:
ODEON Streatham, 47-49 High Road - 11/11/09 6:30pm
ODEON Surrey Quays, London - 11/11/09 6:30pm
ODEON Gateshead, - 11/11/09 6:30pm
ODEON Lee Valley, Edmonton - 11/11/09 6:30pm
ODEON Liverpool One, - 11/11/09 6:30pm
ODEON London, Greenwich, - 11/11/09 6:30pm
ODEON , Kingston Upon Thames - 11/11/09 6:30pm
ODEON , Printworks Manchester, - 11/11/09 6:30pm
VUE Croydon Grants, Croydon - 11/11/09 6:30pm
ODEON Odeon West End, London - 11/11/09 6:30pm
VUE Greenwich, Penninsula Square - 11/11/09 6:30pm
VUE Bolton, Horwich - 11/11/09 6:30pm
VUE , Shepherds Bush - 11/11/09 6:30pm
VUE Dublin, Clondalkin - 11/11/09 6:30pm
VUE Romford, 1 - 15 The Brewery - 11/11/09 6:30pm
VUE Birmingham, Watson Road - 11/11/09 6:30pm

None near me sadly.. maybe next time though!
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