Free tickets for the 2nd Red Bull Flugtag - 7th June - The Serpentine, London Hyde Park
Free tickets for the 2nd Red Bull Flugtag - 7th June - The Serpentine, London Hyde Park

Free tickets for the 2nd Red Bull Flugtag - 7th June - The Serpentine, London Hyde Park

You've heard the expression "Red Bull gives you wiiings" - well heres your chance to see for yourself. On Saturday 7th June at The Serpentine in Londons Hyde Park, the Red Bull Flugtag will return to the UK for only the second time!

This year the Red Bull Flugtag will be a fully ticketed affair, so dont forget to make your request for tickets on this website now!

Following a nationwide advertising campaign, entries have been submitted for the highly sought after pilots licence for the day and the forty finalists are available to view in the Teams page now.

The event will see these daredevil pilots flying their man-powered aircrafts from a 6m high ramp into The Serpentine. The world will be watching as they gather speed on the ramp, soar into the wild blue yonder and defy gravity for a few glorious moments that is, before splashdown!

A uniquely loony competition, entrants into the Red Bull Flugtag will be judged based on the distance their machine flies, the creativity of the machine and the teams pre-flight performance.

The Red Bull Flugtag is most definitely the dream competition for crazy showmen and Jackass wannabes with a desire to take to the skies in a very unique way!

Splashdown begins at 1pm, but ticket holders will need to get there early to guarantee a good view!

Red Bull Flugtag tickets are 100% free but to ensure that everyone who comes along gets a good view and enjoys their day out, we are limiting the number of spectators to 80,000. All tickets will be allocated in advance from this website with none available on the day. So, quite simply, get applying now, because if you dont have a ticket, you wont be able to get in!
To make the application process as fair as possible, we will be allocating all of the tickets via a ballot system.

**p.s.: if you're after some good quality procrastination, follow the link and play the game!!**


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:thumbsup::thumbsup:welcome to hdukbrilliant first post - i think heat … :thumbsup::thumbsup:welcome to hdukbrilliant first post - i think heat and rep given

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Worth noting that they've pulled a blinder and the site won't work properly with Firefox.

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Thanks very much, have applied for tickets - fingers crossed!

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Thanks mate looks like a great day out if we all get the tickets from the ballot

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went to the first one and was so funny! drink prices are expensive though! was like £2 per can as far as i can remember!

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I got tickets :). Thanks!!!

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I didn't get any on this round! :-D Keep your fingers crossed for the OP!! lol..

I didn't get any this round either - but it was good they let us know. Fingers crossed for the next draw.

thx! I've got two tickets confirmed already. :whistling:

YayI I got the email today for tickets! see you all there!

Yay I got some too!!! Many thanks to the op.
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