Free Tickets for The Other Boleyn Girl on the 26th Feb * New Code
Free Tickets for The Other Boleyn Girl on the 26th Feb * New Code

Free Tickets for The Other Boleyn Girl on the 26th Feb * New Code

Based on the best-selling novel by Philippa Gregory, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, and Eric Bana bring one of historys most notorious, controversial, and influential love triangles to life in this sultry epic romance from one of Britains hottest directors.

When rumours begin to circulate that King Henry VIII (Eric Bana) is no longer intimate with his wife who has been unable to give him a male heir, Sir Thomas Boleyn concocts a plan to bring his family back to prominence: his daughter Anne (Natalie Portman) shall seduce the King and provide him with a son. However, the scheme goes off course when the King takes to the other Boleyn girl, Anne's younger sister and best friend Mary (Scarlett Johansson). Although married already, Mary gives in to family pressure and reluctantly provides the King with a boy, but along the way, she finds herself falling in love with the surprisingly tender monarch. Of course, this love affair is no obstacle for Anne whose hunger for the throne now overpowers her sisterly love, and she enacts a plan that eventually tears her family and her country apart while leading to her legendary demise.

To request tickets simply visit seefilmfirst.com and enter the code: 514807


Got 2 for Cardiff - Thanks!

Don't these screenings usually go in the Freebies section?

Fab......just got 2 for Milton Keynes, just need a bogof for a meal.......any suggestions?

No leicester ones.

excellent, the lady wants to see this one


Thanks for posting:thumbsup:,

voted hot but no use to me as no screenings in my area

I know a lady that really wants to see this an all, come on Coventry get a free one on the go, would be in the good books with this one! :thumbsup:

My nephew plays the Henry VIII and Mary's baby son in this movie...now if only my sis would sort me out a couple of tickets for the premiere!!!

Code doesn't work for me.


Code doesn't work

Same here!!! code doesnt work :-((

Says "here was a problem with your code. Please try again." :o(

didnt work for me 2 booohooo!

Why is this voted hot if the code doesn't work? :? Cold Cold Cold

Code doesnt work - Cold

Code dont work. Voted cold

:?Code not working for me either, shame I would have liked to see this:-(

Code worked for me earlier this morning, thanks, voted hot and rep added :thumbsup:

Code worked last night when I tried this also, got 2 tickets thanks OP
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