Free tickets for Trapped in Kansas w/ The Whiskey Works @ Glasgow
Free tickets for Trapped in Kansas w/ The Whiskey Works @ Glasgow

Free tickets for Trapped in Kansas w/ The Whiskey Works @ Glasgow

2 absolutely amazing bands for free this thursday in Glasgow! Text tickets are also available - text MILL62K to 82500 for 2 free tickets at standard network rate!

Trapped in Kansas

After meeting at university in Ayr, Chris Ward, Finn Le Marinel, Gregor Fair & Iain Symes formed Trapped in Kansas in June 2008. Their ambition was to create their own alternative take on math rock, blended with influences of post-rock and early kinsella emo. The band recorded a small sample of tracks and shortly afterwards played their first gig at Glasgows famous King Tuts venue. They then continued to build up their reputation with a number of high calibre support slots. Playing with the likes of Someone still loves you Boris Yeltsin, The Xcerts, Copy Haho, This Town Needs Guns and Anathallo.

They recorded some more tracks with producer Andy Miller (Mogwai, My Latest Novel, De Rosa) at Chem19 recording studios and then in March 2009 with Ross McGowan (Dananananakyroyd, We are the Physics, Copy Haho) at Chime Studio.

Trapped in Kansas released their first CD on April 14th, a split EP with fellow Scottish band The Darien Venture it included the tracks Antlers and The Idiot. The EP was a limited release that was sold on a five date tour of Scotland featuring both bands. The band received rave reviews for these tracks with both Steve Lamaq and Tom Robinson both declaring them their Band of the week on BBC Radio Music 6. The band has also featured on BBC radio 1, BBC Scotland and BBC Gaelic.

The band have since played a number of Scottish festivals featuring as second headliners of GoNorth at the Inverness Ironworks, and playing at Rockness festival on the gonorth stage.

TiK have now recorded some more tracks with producer Ross McGowan and intend on releasing their first solo EP that will contain a selection of tracks from the bands first year. They will support this release with an 11 date Scottish tour where the band will be supported by other emerging acts such at Bronto Skylift, Lions.Chase.Tigers & Cast of the Capital.


The Whisky Works

The Whisky Works are a post-hardcore quartet based in Glasgow. Having played alongside the likes of Jeniferever, Sons And Daughters, Sucioperro, Meet Me In St Louis, Tubelord and Blakfish; they are gaining much respect and praise for what they do.

The Whisky Works debut mini-album Deficit Attention Program was mastered by Iain Cook of Aereogramme, has had its official release date delayed through external interest to distribute and promote the record (for anyone keen to purchase the mini-album before its official release, it is available at shows).

Reviews of the pending album release have described their music as "quite frankly aurally delicious" (4/5 Punktastic) and that it "makes you step back and realise this band have something special" (4/5 Alter the Press).

On record, its apparent that the band has a powerful and salient sound, but they really thrive on playing live, where they can display their energetic and dynamic presence "theyre having a lot of fun and from the roars of approval and demands for one more tune, so is the crowd" (Is this music).

The Whisky Works have a very ambitious year ahead, and invite you to be a part of it.



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Why vote cold? It's free! Comments if you're voting cold please!

I haven't voted personally, but this is 2 unsigned bands. The tickets should be free anyway. So not really a deal - there are hundreds of unsigned bands playing for 'free' in bars over the country every night, so why is this a Hot Deal ?

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As it's 2 QUALITY bands. They may be unsigned as of yet, but Trapped in Kansas have already played both Rockness and T in the Park. If you're hoping to catch a good gig in Glasgow, you will generally have to pay! This is the first time the bands have played a free show. From my experiences, free bands in bars are poor cover bands - these bands are on the road to success!
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