FREE TICKETS NICKJR Jump Up event @mkbowl 25/26/27 July 2008
FREE TICKETS NICKJR Jump Up event @mkbowl 25/26/27 July 2008

FREE TICKETS NICKJR Jump Up event @mkbowl 25/26/27 July 2008

Add a reminder to your calendar if you can get to the milton keynes bowl easily. (walking distance from train station) 1/2 hour from London Euston station. Was in Manchester last year. TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM 10AM FRI JUNE 27TH 2008.
Great news. 21,000 tickets will be available across the weekend of

Friday 25th July, Saturday 26th July & Sunday 27th July 2008

There will be two sessions each day. Each session will be 3½ hours long.

9.00am 12.30pm
1.30pm 5.00pm

Tickets will be available here at nickjr.co.uk strictly on a first-come, first served basis at:

10am on Friday 27th June 2008

Join in the fun with our brand new spectacular musical stage show featuring the most popular Nick Jr stars, including Dora, Diego, The Backyardigans, Arnie & Barnie Worms LazyTown, Peppa Pig and Fifi & the Flowertots.

Being one of the hottest tickets in the pre-school calendar, we expect them to go very quickly.

When booking, you will be required to select your preferred date and session time. If the session you have selected is full, you will be offered an alternative session, subject to availability.

Applications will be limited to one per household for one of the timed sessions (up to a maximum of 6 tickets).


You need to bring along either a current driving licence or passport to confirm you are the person who booked the tickets on the site.


Nice find... Voted hot!!!

Should this be in the Freebies section? Good find voted hot! unfortunately my kids are too old for this now :o( My 5 year old son is more into star wars now than Dora!


shame not close my son would have loved it..nice find though..voted hot

Voted Hot hot hot !:thumbsup::-D

Hot! Shame it's in Keynes, the kids would have loved this!

We went last year when it was in Manchester. It was fantastic, places are limited for each session and as a result, it wasn't overcrowded.

There were lots of activities and freebies for the kids.

Definately reccommend going to this. Sadly, it's too far away for us this year.

Get there early though, was a large queue to get in.

Unlike other events, there wasn't any stall selling merchandise. So, there was no pressure to buy your kids any gifts.


We went two years ago and it was super!!

Great spot - we did Manchester last year. It rained non-stop, but was brilliant, the children even got to be on their own episodes of Pic Me !!!!!

This the first that I have heard of this event, I would LOVE to get my two kiddies tickets for it so will try my VERY, VERY best to get some.

65 mile journey for us from London but sounds like something they would never forget


Please can someone remind us when ticket request is opening? I will if I remember - gonna set my phone alarm NOW!


yeh shame it isnt near me either, great spot though. Hot

My daughter may love this! Good spot! :thumbsup:

Great find, thanks.

THANK YOU SO MUCH OP!! im in london and my son would love this! nick jr is his favorite channel and it will be filled with some of his favorite characters. i have put it on the calender and the fridge - fingers crossed i get a ticket. thanks again.

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Great find op the kids will just love this. Fingers crossed we get the tickets! [/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]I'ts on my calender so i don't forget[/SIZE][/FONT] :thumbsup:[/FONT]

Voted hot! Fingers crossed we get tickets!

Well I will give this a bump... tickets start at 10 - good luck....

moved to freebies.

Site not looking good -just crashing...

Got mine \o/

all gone

I got some for my lot, but my sister tried at the same time and failed to. Can't believe how quick they went!

Seems that all the adult tickets are gone... bit pointless just having toddler tickets left!!

i could have got 1.... obviously im not quick enough..


Got mine but sister-out law missed out..shame...ha ha ha

has anyone actually got the e-tickets yet ?
I was successful in the application but got a funny email last night from ..
"[email protected]"

"Your email client does not support images display, please go to this address and print your barcode to get to the event: "

There is no web address in the email and when I reply the email is undeliverable.

strange ? anybody ahd the same email ?

yes i am on aol and have the same message as you. i'm going to give them a ring tomorrow see what they can do :thumbsup:
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