Free tickets to 28 Weeks Later. Be quick! Thurs, 10th May
Free tickets to 28 Weeks Later. Be quick! Thurs, 10th May

Free tickets to 28 Weeks Later. Be quick! Thurs, 10th May

Enter the code 125882 for your free tickets.

its on thursday - 10th May
- teoanne


most of them completely full

Thanks anyway

:x Nottingham is full

once again no belfast

Once again nothing for the West Midlands

Nothing in Cardiff


once again no belfast

Never is... :roll:

No Liverpool

Ive checked each and every listing for two tickets and none are availible.

Shame, would have been amazing to see this free, I loved the first one. Guess I'll have to dig out the old wallet after all.. lol!


There was another one for the 8th of may a while back that had alot more....I guess it's pure luck more then anything else heh

damn it!!! once again leeds is full. expired

I'm always too slow for theses. I really wanted to see it too. Need to review it for my website [url]www.post-apocalypse.co.uk[/url].

i am a member of s.f.first and have been for a good while but never seem to get any codes for anything is this just me or everyone??:x :-( :?

no blackpool

if anybody can send me a ticket to anywhere it will be very grateful.

I have just managed to get tickets for Edinburgh although there was none left over the weekend, and my mate has too - so might be worth trying again? :-D

if anyone can send me two tickets for nottingham that woudl be great

the deal is still active got two tickets for nottingham !!!!

Above poster is correct, got 2 for nottingham just now

never used seefilmfirst before but says you need ID so not sure if sending tickets work.

Got two for Glasgow. Many thanks to OP, rep given :thumbsup:

More tickets avaialbe just got some for Leeds !!!!

could a mod take the expired off this - as tickets appear available for a few of the venues previously stated as sold out?

Just got 2 for Glasgow Cineworld Thanks!
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