Free tickets to get your photograph taken with the World Cup.

Free tickets to get your photograph taken with the World Cup.

Found 27th Feb 2014
Sponsored by Coca Cola, various locations throughout UK, get your photograph taken, upto 4 tickets per application. Sign up and receive your tickets instantly at the venue you choose.


GLASGOW SOLD OUT. availability will be amended accordingly.

The excitement starts here for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™! Coca-Cola is exclusively bringing you the chance to see the iconic trophy in person, and have your photo taken.
Get involved in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at these locations:
Friday 14 March: Westfield, London (10am-9pm)
Saturday 15 March: George Square, Glasgow (10.30am-6.30pm)
Sunday 16 March: The Hayes, Cardiff (10am-6pm)
Monday 17 March: Outside Asda Eastlands Supercentre, Manchester (10am-6pm)
Join the festivities and enjoy a free sample of Coca-Cola, challenge your footie skills, and loads more fun activities!
Plus, you can register for tickets to the trophy viewing room, where you can see the trophy up close and have your unique photo taken with it.
There are limited tickets available,
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Sweet. 4 tickets ordered for Glasgow. Top post OP. Heat.
thx op!
thanks got tickets for glasgow. heat
brilliant thanks op
Eh? London capital of England yes...North England of No... lets go with Glasgow...more chance of the cup being nicked!!
Glasgow ain't the capital of Scotland
Don't know why it's being shown in Wales and Scotland, it's not like they are liable to win it!
Thanks good find
er no many trophies go to Edinburgh was hearts no the last team to win one? lol loads in Glasgow.
Gutted not in Birmingham. My boy would have loved this
@mcdaveyboy. Yeah then Scotland can have our very own pickles lol
Thanx got four for Glasgow woo hoo x
Sweet got tickets for Manchester.
Logo looks like a man facepalming.


Logo looks like a man facepalming.Sorry...

[image missing]


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Not coming to the birthplace of football, cold.
4 more for glasgow!
great find
Awesome - hope to get the Trophy room!
Still appears to be plenty left at all locations, would imagine it would be fully taken up by tomorrow. Hope everyone enjoys their day, I'm sure me and the kids wlll.

Glasgow ain't the capital of Scotland

Yeah that's my point Einstein
4 for Manchester great find
Thanks got some for Westfield.
Thanks, got 4 tickets for Westfield. Hot!
4 for westfield, thanx and very hot
did anyone else get 6 tickets even though the option is a max of 4?
Got 4! should be a nice event
3 for Westfield on my Birthday thx OP
Would like to see it in bristol but oh well !!!
Glasgow not available anymore??
4 tickets for Manchester. Kids really pleased, many thanks OP.
How can you take the kids for the Manchester event. is not school holidays is it? ??

4 tickets for Manchester. Kids really pleased, many thanks OP.

How can you take the kids. is it school holidays that week? ??
It runs until 6, school finishes at half three.
Cost of photo printing? None the less it is a great deal. Thanks. Booked four for Westfield
Not much of a tour, with just 4 locations !
Would have been fab to see them come to MK
Just getting an error
Thanks OP - tickets for London - hopefully my boy will be excited ..... I am.
This deal could be expired now.
Red hot OP thanks! Ordered x4 for London.
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