FREE Tickets to Grand Designs @ Excel (for May 1st - 7th), worth up to £13 each
FREE Tickets to Grand Designs @ Excel (for May 1st - 7th), worth up to £13 each

FREE Tickets to Grand Designs @ Excel (for May 1st - 7th), worth up to £13 each

I just successfully applied for 2 free tickets to the weekend show of Grand Designs worth £13 each, maximum 2 tickets, but you can get more by using different email addresses.

Enter Code: EVESTFW

If that offer becomes invalid eventually, there's also another code for 2-for-the-price-of-1 tickets

Enter Code: EVEST2

Info here:

Generel info about the show itself:


Not sure about this show - AND its at EXHELL!

I'm working there, agree on the EXHELL hate having to get there. All the tubes are always screwed up at the weekend as well.

Would love this sort of show.

They should bring it to Scotland!:)

Just tried applying for 4 tickets and it said the maximum was 2. Just an FYI, if you need more use an alternative email address and home address as the tickets are sent via email for you to print out anyway.

Thanks OP

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Thanks I'll update with that info

Good deal - but doesn't cover W/end 8-9 May! I needed that as we are going away BH Weekend - no worries. Not gonna go for 1/2 price - will keep looking, a code will appear....

I got two sets of two tickets emailed to one address ok, but I just wondered if four of us go if we might get refused? Has anyone seen anything about that?

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I think there's a good chance you won't get refused as they're just interested in scanning the barcode on the ticket (should be unique ref number with each ticket as well) and probably not concerned with identical names or email addresses on there.

But to be safe, you can alwaysgo in 5 mins apart

Misleading title. Only free for between the 1st and 7th May even though I click on the wekend tickets and enter the code there.

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Title now updated

Not working now

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You're right, just checked it again, looks like it's either expired or they've invalidated the code now, the 2-for-1 code should still be fine till 25th Apr (according to the info on the accompanying link)

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Looks like the 2-for-1 code is still valid today (26th), despite the website saying "Don’t miss out - book by midnight on Sunday 25 April 2010"

Anybody went today? If so do they scan the tickets or just have a quick look at the tickets and let you through? Thanks
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