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Free tickets to preview screening of ‘TILL’ @ Show Film First

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Tickets available to a preview screening of new film TILL on 1st, 5th and 6th December at multiple locations.
show film first More details at show film first
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    Great movie. Till this day the woman that falsely accused Emmet Till of such crime and then chased and lynched is still alive in an old folks home.
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    incognito window needed guys.

    amazing this film only just got made, some of the criminals who did it are still alive scot free.
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    I've seen this already, and it is a very powerful, moving film.
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    Could someone please paste the link if it worked for you 
    Try selecting the page to open in a new window. That worked for me.
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    Right click on the link and open as a new private window
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    can someone explain please. Everytime I see a SFF deal and I try and apply it always says the following: Temporary Work undergoing essential maintenance..

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Right click the "get deal" button and select "open in incognito window"
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    Great movie, would also recommend watching ‘Women of the Movement’ series. That’s a more detailed version of Emmet Till story.
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    "first rule of ShowFilmFirst ....."
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    Really good movie. 👏 👏 👏
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    Thanks, actually got a ticket! They're normally already full when I see these posted.
    It might have something to do with the film …
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    Does anyone have the link as it’s going to a maintenance site?
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    If you open the link by incognito mode, that should do the trick.
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    Why do people on the SFF posts never read the instructions? There's loads of responses already explaining the "essential maintenance" issue, yet people still ask.
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    Great, thanks OP
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    Why does this site never work
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    Sorted thanks Cheers OP
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    Doesn't work for me on either doh
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    Link not working for me
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    Got tickets for London! Thanks for posting this
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    Thanx for posting just a bit to far for me.. Heated
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    Got there in the end and picked up two tickets, thank you!
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    Great thanks
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    any help would be great thanks would love to see it
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    Thanks OP, got tickets 
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    Awesome, but none near me. Enjoy
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    Wow this deal was posted hours ago yet I just claimed 2 tickets. Thank you.
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    Preview? hasn't this been around on the internet for a week or 2?
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    Thanks for sharing

    Thanks for sharing (edited)
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    Now showing as York & Plymouth available.
    The rest you can join a waiting list.
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    Got two, thanks OP.