Free tickets to see Astro Boy this Sunday 24th Jan @ 11am
Free tickets to see Astro Boy this Sunday 24th Jan @ 11am

Free tickets to see Astro Boy this Sunday 24th Jan @ 11am

Code: 265109

Screenings are on Sunday 24 January 2010.

EMPIRE Newcastle - 11.00
EMPIRE Poole 11am
Odeon Manchester Printworks 11am
Cineworld Aberdeen 11.00
Cineworld Southampton 11.00
Cineworld Sheffield 11.00
Cineworld Glasgow Renfrew Street 11.00

Courtesy of West 96.7 FM


just got 3 for manchester, thanx:thumbsup:

got 4 for Aberdeen , many thanks voted hot:-)

heat added four tixs for Poole

good find..pity theres none near me,the kids wouldve loved it

got some for glasgow. hooray!

4 for Southampton, Cheers

All gone for Manchester now

Got some for glasgow for me and the niece and nephew................thanks!


Hot - shame no london!

got Glasgow. yus

Original Poster


Hot - shame no london!

No Bristol either :?

3 for Southampton Thanks

Thanks, applied. H&R added. Got 4 for Sheffield.

cheers got 4 for sheffield

2 for poole - ta muchly

Thanks Choc, got 4 for Southampton! xx

gutted all gone 4 manchester

no newcastle now either, nice post tho

Got 2 tickets for Southampton screening.. Thanks! heat added.. :thumbsup:

Thanks so much..got tickets for southampton...we shall enjoy this..:thumbsup:

hey all gone for southampton so if anyone who has tickets decide not to go could u send them my way pretty please xx

anybody need tix 4 sheffield? i have 4 i can no longer use

If anyone has some for newcastle and can't go would love them, so please pm me.

thanks clare.x

Would anyone be so kind enough to donate some tickets for Bristol?.
I left it too late.
My kids would love this.
Please if you do not happen to go please let me know.
Many thanks.:roll:
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