Free tickets to see Lions For Lambs
Free tickets to see Lions For Lambs

Free tickets to see Lions For Lambs

Just seen in a friends Radio Times today, a code for SeeTickets to see the new Tom Cruise film Lions For Lambs at various places around the country as usual.

Hope this goes through ok as its the 1st time I've posted anything on here.

The code you need is 947687.

Good luck!!!


Nice first post isammo. Welcome to HUKD !

Thanks alot - got some for glasgow, heat & rep added

nice one mate, got some for birmingham


Great first post! Have some rep & welcome to HUKDs!

nice one. got 2 for dundee :thumbsup:

Nice find - heat and rep left....

Scored 2 for Wimbeldon

None for Glasgow but cheers!

Can we move this to freebies, that's why I missed it?


Can we move this to freebies, that's why I missed it?

Er no - it needs to be re-posted there

Thanks for the first post isammo, and welcome!

Just a quick tip! It helps it include the list of cinemas to save everyone looking up the code to find there is no screening near them.

With that in mind here it is:
Odeon @...
Basingstoke - Birmingham - Blackpool - Brighton - Cardiff Atlantic Wharf - Coventry - Derby - Dundee - Edinburgh Kinnaird Park - Gateshead, Newcastle - Glasgow Quay - Greenwich - Hull - Lee Valley, London - Leeds/Bradford - Leicester - Liverpool City (London Road) - Milton Keynes The Point - Norwich - Portsmouth - Manchester Printworks - Sheffield - Southampton - Wimbledon, London

(Also the merchant should have been "SeeFilmFirst" instead of "See Tickets", and it should be moved to Freebies. ;-))

Thanks isammo. Got 2 for Norwich :thumbsup:
Heat and rep left

Thanks so much! I love Tom Cruise flicks. Got 2 for Sheffield. And rang me mom and she's got 2 for Derby! Rare we can both get tickets!

Heat and rep added!

Have some heat cheers

cheers...2 for liverpool...looks an interesting movie.

Cheers 2 for Wimbledon in the bag.

2 for Cov :thumbsup:

thanks for this - finally managed to get some tickets for Gateshead


cheers - got 2 for newcastle

This is in the wrong section. And i have seen free post moved before.
Their are loads of [url]www.seefilmfirst.com[/url] and free films to watch in the free section of hotdealsuk


Thanks for posting and welcome, voted hot but,not in my area

jsut checked no tickets for leeds bradford, but great deal anyway... voted hot

Got 2 for Lee Valley London. Thank you!:thumbsup:

Got 2 for Edinburgh, thanks.

Thanks got some for Lee Valley very hot...

Got some for Pompey yessss first time ever thanks!!

any one got 2 spare for Lee Valley?.

Thanks ]isammo. Congratulations on your first post and Welcome to HUKD - Enjoy your stay

Also thanks to ]justintrouble for the cinema information.


Hot deal, but none left in B'ham
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