Free Tickets To See Rendition
Free Tickets To See Rendition

Free Tickets To See Rendition

seefilmfirst.com | Code: 599461 | Film: Rendition
Date: Thursday 18th October | Time: 6:30pm

Empire, Leicester Square * Movie House, Belfast (Dublin Road) * ODEON, Manchester Printworks * ODEON, Gateshead, Newcastle * ODEON, Liverpool City (London Road) * ODEON, Milton Keynes The Point * ODEON, Glasgow Quay * ODEON, Brighton * Vue, Portsmouth * ODEON, Sheffield * ODEON, Surrey Quays * ODEON, Maidstone * ODEON, Edinburgh Kinnaird Park * ODEON, Cardiff Atlantic Wharf * ODEON, Birmingham * Showcase, Nottingham * Showcase, Bristol * Vue, Oxford * Vue, Leeds Kirkstall * Vue, Greenwich (The O2)


Thanks for the post uklad2k

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Thanks for the post uklad2k

No problem, I am well into this "free film" stuff now, went to my first "free film" last night - Impressed at how easy it all was.

Thanks for the post, but there are none left for London unfortunately.

Voted hot as there more left for other cities.

none in London voted hot anyway

Thanks. Voted hot.

None for Glasgow but thanks for the code!

Two For Cardiff Hot Hot Heat

Thanks. have two for cardiff now

None for London, Edinburgh or Bristol

Thanks for this - got two tickets for Maidstone (hardly ever get tickets for this area, so well pleased).

Have yet to find one which actually has tickets available And on this rare occasion there is actually a showing in Pompey!

Thanks for the heads up :thumbsup:

Unfortunately MovieHouse if now full.



(sorry not sure how to do postings yet)

forgot to say - elizabeth - the golden age.

sorry - will get better next time



[size=2]all Gone ! ! ! :-( [/size]

Keep checking - just picked up two for Belfast Moviehouse. Ta.

Anyone who has 2 tickets for Gateshead and cannot make it please let me know via a pm:thumbsup:

Thanks ]uklad2k.

Another code: [SIZE=-1]127380 [/SIZE]

Just got a pair of tickets for Glasgow Quay on october 18th with the new code, thanks!!


Another code: [SIZE=-1]127380 [/SIZE]

Finally got 2 for Gateshead:-D :-D :-D

i had 2 tickets for cardiff, for a friend to go - but cant. so if anyone wants them they are in porthcawl waiting to be used - PM me.

finally 2 for brighton


Another code: [SIZE=-1]127380 [/SIZE]

Just got 2 for Oxford, Thanks :thumbsup:

Looks like the tickets are available again - Just got two for Sheffield

Thanks for posting, voted hot but not in my area

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I have tickets for bristol if anyone wants 2 pm me

[SIZE=2]got 2 for tomorrow night at last[/SIZE]

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Been to see this film tonight at Gateshead. Not the greatest film, but overall I would say 6/10

I agree with UKlad2k. not bad, worth the 30 minle round trip, Thanks to OP:thumbsup:

I agree with UKlad2k. not bad, worth the 30 mile round trip, Thanks to OP:thumbsup:

Saw this last night (thursday 18th)Very good film, Reece Witherspoon shows she can act in drama not just play dizzy blonde parts

Saw this film at gateshead, give it 7.5/10. Good film about terrorism. thanks :thumbsup:

Thanks very much for the info! Got tickets for Belfast but gave them to my mum cause she loves the cinema.

She went and thought the film was fantasic! I'm sure all the tickets 'sold out' but she said it was only 1/2 full....if people have no intention of going they shouldnt book them!

Thanks again!
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