Free tickets to SFX Weekender
Free tickets to SFX Weekender

Free tickets to SFX Weekender

Got this in an email from SeeFilmFirst...

150 sets of FREE SFX Weekender passes to give away! (each pass gives access to four people, hurry, first come, first served!)
2,500 sci fi fans, four main events, exclusive screenings, tons of prizes, loads of live guests...one amazing weekend.

Pontin's Holiday Park Camber Sands, 5/6 February 2010

To claim your passes call the ticket hotline now on 08700 110034 quoting 'SFF150GA'

Want to attend the live SFX Awards 2010, the world famous Golden Rayguns? Want to compete in SFX Blastermind, the sci fi pub quiz that'll make your brain explode? Want to dance the night away at the Maskerade Ball and experience the SFX Imaginarium, the ultimate sci fi funfair? Then grab your FREE pass to the SFX Weekender whilst you can! Call the ticket hotline now on 08700 110034 quoting 'SFS150GA'. (Between 10am and 8pm)

They'll also be author Q&A's, film premieres, exclusive footage, live music, videogame Sessions, an animee cafe and competitions. Plus, they'll be loads of top sci fi names present including James 'Spike' Marsters, Tom 'Doctor Who' Baker, Lis 'Sarah Jane' Sladen and many more.


Hey Mate,

Just checked the number and it doesnt work, sounds great lol, but no poiint if i cant ring and book

Original Poster

Says to call from ten?

I'm stuck in the car for a good part of the day :-( So if anyone gets four and only plans to use two, I'll take them off your hands!:thumbsup:

If you don't live nearby, they are offering you the chance to buy overnight accommodation on site as well. There is no obligation at all to take the accommodation, but it will be hard to attend the weekend without it unless you have a car and are within daily driving distance.

They usually only sell the tickets inclusive of accommodation. For those who got the free conference pass offer, they are offering to sell you the "accommodation only" at £220 for a party of four. Normally the lowest price for four people is £520, including the conference tickets. So separating the conference ticket part of the package, giving it away, then charging for the accommodation separately, means it's really a discount on the usual package, rather than a straightforward freebie.

Still a great reduction, but it's only a freebie if you happen to live close by, and don't need to stay on site.

And check the reviews of the venue on Trip Advisor before you commit your money to buying the accommodation along with your free conference ticket.

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