Free tickets to Star Sixes at O2 (£1.50 Booking Fee)

Free tickets to Star Sixes at O2 (£1.50 Booking Fee)

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Found 4th Jul 2017
Free tickets to football legends event 13-16 July. £1.50 booking fee, maximum 2 tickets.

The booking fee is £1.50 per ticket. So for the maximum of 2 tickets, it will cost you £3.00.
- JDavies
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    Thanks for decent seats too for the final
    Thanks managed to get two for the final.
    Surprised this hasn't gone extremely hot... thanks op.
    Original Poster
    Yea, I got 2 for the final, row X!

    See you there.
    Ordered two for the Friday night, great deal. A pair for the same session, in the same seating area, from the official website, comes in at close to £150!
    Thanks Op. got two tickets for sat row d
    Fantastic offer. A bit annoying for me it's 2 tickets maximum though, as I need 3!
    Thank you so much! Just managed to get 2 tickets for the final! Happy days!
    Great find just refreshed 2 phones for ages and eventually got 4 tickets all next to each other
    Nice, I've got 2 for the finals too - thanks for posting
    Is this legit?
    Thanks OP, missed out on the final but got the Saturday tickets, heat added
    Sold Out
    Can't believe I missed these!
    Anyone not using there's - please let me know!
    Thank you!!
    Thursday & Friday night available now, going Friday. Thanks OP.
    Amazing..thank you so much. Son's birthday, and very nice present for him and a mate!
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