Free Tickets To STEPHEN FRY'S QI
Free Tickets To STEPHEN FRY'S QI

Free Tickets To STEPHEN FRY'S QI


The hit BAFTA nominated comedy series returns this May, hosted by the brilliant Stephen Fry, who will once again join some of the biggest names in comedy! Top comedy guests guaranteed!


I've applied but does anyone know how frequently these things work?

Thank you I have applied too but I have no idea how it works...fingers crossed it will be a great surprise for my dad

ive been to see QI and i think it took at least a year and a half to be offered tickets...


Used this site before on about 6-7 shows. Amount i've been to or even offered to go to : 0

Woop, worth a punt. Thanks :thumbsup: Glad to see you didn't miss the apostrophe, unlike Applausestore. Stephen would be aghast.

Got lucky with QI tickets once before - it's a decent experience and the filming goes on for about 60 mins so like a long episode (which they obviously cut down) and could include some small re-filming.

The audience is managed ok at the gate - quite well done, although you do feel slightly sheep-like, being herded in and then moved about a bit. The worst bit is getting there early so you guarantee a place (there's more tickets than spaces) and then find yourself in a queue for best part of 2 hours.... Make sure you pick up a sandwich or something on the way there!

Just a word of warning. Even if you're allocated tickets it doesn't mean you'll actually get in.

They over-allocate seats to make sure that they have a full audience so not everyone with a ticket gets in.

I got tickets, we waited nearly 2 hours in the queue and were still turned away.

The tickets are free so no loss there, but you still have to pay for transport to get there so just be aware that there's no guarantee you'll get in (unless you queue for hours beforehand).

Thanks for the advice!

So... Does a duck's quack have an echo or not?!?


Thank you!

I love QI so have applied for tickets. I'd love to see it and it would be a great surprise for my hubby. Although I don't like the thought of standing around for two hours just to be turned away! Unfair - especially if you have a ticket. Ah well, still worth a shot. Heat and rep added.
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