Free Tickets To The Ideal Home Show @ See Tickets
Free Tickets To The Ideal Home Show @ See Tickets

Free Tickets To The Ideal Home Show @ See Tickets

Free tickets still avalible as last post says there all gone,
Please use code EVST11
Fist post


Thank you, got 2+2 tickets

Heat added

Last post only got weekday tickets which I couldn't go. Now I got 2 weekend tickets with this code. Great thanks a lot!!!! Heat added!!!<3

Got some. Waiting for the email to come through

Thanks got 2 tickets, good excuse to have a day off work

Cheers got a couple for OH heat added

Have applied for some weekend tix - thanks v much Heat Added - Email arrived - tickets all ready to go!

Thanks, decent day out for nowt.

Cheers OP.

2 tickets for the weekend show!

Thanks OP. Great. Heat added.

If anyone's ever had the misfortune to go the Ideal Home Exhibition, they'll be very likely never to go again - free or not!

Check around for a few posts before you make any travel arrangements. Basically, it's a couple of unexceptional showhouses which you can see on any new estate, and a load of tacky stands selling stuff they can't shift any other way. The best bit was the goody bag - in fact the only thing worth going for.


Thank you

Has anyone got thier confirmation email yet? it said up to 6 hours but that was yesterday

i still waiting for mine aswell


i still waiting for mine aswell

Just received my confirmation email that they got my request sent it yesterday about 5 so takes a while it seems.

Just got mine on this one thanks and heat added

It does take a while but it does come. If you put in fake details ensure you keep the last four digits of the phone number you used as that is needed to print them off

Just got 4 tickets today even though the web site says there all gone

says all sold out never mind


wouldnt let me use this code - says it is invalid....gutted!

I love coming to the ideal home show with my daughter I would love free tickets I need somethink nice as ive just lost my lovely son 6 weeks ago at the age if 48 mrsjmricketts

please please have you any free tickets for march 2017 as me sndmy dsughter love to come to both shows march and xmas for the last 15 years mrs.j.mricketts
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