Free Tiki Lavalanche, Tiki Totems Premium (4* Apps), Blue Block Double & Geo-Fighter - Light Wars for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad @ iTunes

Free Tiki Lavalanche, Tiki Totems Premium (4* Apps), Blue Block Double & Geo-Fighter - Light Wars for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad @ iTunes

Found 13th May 2011
Just noticed that spokko's latest Tiki Totem (Lavalanche) game is currently FREE on iTunes also their fully paid-for version (Tiki Totem Premium) is also FREE. Geofighter - Light Wars is FREE. Grab them whilst you can all are excellent apps for the iPhone and still being played on my own iPhone

Also worth noting that their other free offerings: Tiki Totems 2 Valentine & Tiki Totems 2 Builder are both very good additions to anyone's iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Sorry in a rush will add more info shortly!


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Here's the info for the apps:

Tiki Lavalanche…t=8


Download the @FreeAppADay Store App and wish for more top rated apps like Tiki Lavalanche to be featured on FAAD!

FREE for EVERYONE to enjoy.

The Tiki Gods were not pleased. A giant lavalanche came and destroyed the entire village. You have one last chance to make this right.

- 75 levels of exciting block destroying, village saving fun!
- FREE level editor
- ability to share levels with your friends via email!
- fantastic new mechanics
- beautiful Retina graphics!
- Game Center achievements
- Updates! More levels on the way!

Don't let the golden blocks fall into the lava. Fail to do so and you shall face the wrath and anger of the Tiki Gods! Do you have what it takes to save what is left of your village?

What's New in Version 1.0.1

- Fixes Pack 4 level 14

And the pics ...

For the iPhone

This is a 4* app

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Here's the info for the apps:

Tiki Totems Premium…t=8


Tiki Totems Premium is OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day! Download the Game Channel app to get a FREE game every day!




Tiki Totems Premium has every feature from the Tiki Store unlocked. All future updates like new level packs or new features will be available free of charge for premium version owners! Don't feel like buying packs one after the other? Buy the premium version and get everything for free from now on!

Features over 200 levels !


"If you are a big puzzler fan, Tiki Totems is either a blessing or a curse. Its addictive nature and ease of use make it easy to pick up, and its continued variety and challenge make it difficult to put down." 4/5 stars

"I can tell you guys it's the most fluid physics game I've played from the app store. "
-EssentialParadox (Toucharcade Forum)

"Its a great twist to a classic game (the one where you're supposed to clear similar colored blocks)"

Introducing Tiki Totems!
An exciting new physics puzzle block destroying game. Appease the Tiki Gods by carefully removing the unnecesarry blocks that dim the might and glory of their beautifull totems. BUT BE CAREFUL!! don't drop the totem on the ground cause that makes them angry, and when they get angry you know what happens. Villages and villagers burn.


208 unique, exciting and handcrafted levels for you to enjoy!

Multiple block types, each with different behavior!

OpenFeint integration with tons of achievements!

Vivid graphics, custom music and sounds!

The first TRULY RESPONSIVE physics game.


Watch the video trailer by going to…ms3


The tribes of the mythical island Tikonia have for centuries worshipped the Tiki God.
All was fine and dandy until one day the tribe elder looked at the gathered worshipers and asked a simple question, "My beloved, how do we know that our great God really exists?". As his words traveled throughout the crowd , he already knew that this was indeed a BIG mistake. The Tiki God was angry, very angry. I mean really really angry like flowing lava is going to burn down your village angry. But that still doesn't describe it well... more like flying burning meteors are going to smash you all ANGRY.

Something had to be done, the elders have decided. YOU will try and appease the angry God. Yes, yes.. we know we've already tried that and he burned everyone before you, but they just didn't treat his totem with care and respect and probably mixed the blocks in the wrong order... NOW GO and save us or we're all going to burn.


Spokko website
TouchArcade discussion…405

What's New in Version 1.5.3

- fixed crashes on 3.X OS devices

And the pics ...

Another 4* app

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Here's the info for the apps:

geoFighter - Light Wars…t=8



The galaxy of light is under attack by an evil force.
General geo wants to crush you with his geometrical minions.
Evil squares, triangles, crosses. Surely you cannot let them have their way!. This is why you're sitting in your best fighter vehicle, with both thumbs on the controls. It's your job to save the galaxy or die trying. Your ship is fitted with the most advanced weapons that your civilization developed. If all else fails, you've got terrifying bombs that can wipe out everything in their path.
geoFighter (Light Wars) is the ultimate survival shooter experience. Use the on-screen analogs to steer your ship and fire at the enemy. Shake the device to unleash powerful bomb blasts or touch the center of the screen.
Think you can survive and save the galaxy of Light? or maybe everything is in vain? ( it is.. but don't tell anyone ok?..)
If you've ever played grid wars or geo wars , you're sure to like geoFighter!


"Best Dual-Stick Games"
"Awesome so addicting! This is one of the best arcade style games I have ever played on the iPhone."
-Noonslayer (happy customer)
"Just like Geometry Wars on the 360!" -Supergo (another happy customer:)


Watch the video trailer by going to…deo


Spokko website
TouchArcade discussion…082

What's New in Version 1.51

- fixed crashing on push notification for some users
- fixed news system crashing for some people when they received remote notifications
- new and improved news system should work properly now

And the pics ...

This is only a 3.5* app but in my view well worth it

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Just found another decent freebie on iTunes:

Blue Block Double…t=8


4465 unique challenging puzzles
Different levels of difficulty for all ages and skills (from 3 to 103 years old)
Realistic interface (Retina Display)

Welcome to the World of Blue Block.

In an ancient time, the world was ruled by lights and shadows.
The Blue Dragon was the last of its kind when the Dark Knight made him prisoner.
Now, the survival of the Dragon is in your hands. You must free him to bring back the balance on earth.
Be warned, your quest will be hard. The Dark Knight has become immensely powerful.
Remember, you cannot hope to defeat him by force. You will have to use strategy and logic to successfully complete your goal.

The prophecy tells that one day, a hero will succeed the quest by solving all the puzzles.

Enjoy your journey.

The goal of the game is to move the two Blue Blocks out of the grid by moving the other blocks out of the way.

• 4465 unique puzzles!
• 3 packs of increasing complexity
• High quality visuals (Retina Display)
• Leaderboards
• Achievements
• Near unlimited game play

What's New in Version 1.6.2

- Memory optimization
- Corrected audio issue with Multitasking
- Now you can listen iPod music when playing
- Bugs fixes

And the pics:

Another 4* app - enjoy

ta! more games yum yum

Thanks for the heads up, downloading Tiki Lavalanche and Blue Block puzzle as I type....

ooooh Tiki Toki!
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