Free To 'Spring Clean' Inside Your Car On Saturday 2nd April @ Total Service Stations
Free To 'Spring Clean' Inside Your Car On Saturday 2nd April @  Total Service Stations

Free To 'Spring Clean' Inside Your Car On Saturday 2nd April @ Total Service Stations

Print out the PDF Voucher and you can 'Spring Clean' the inside of your Car using a high powerd vacume cleaner at participating Total Service Stations on Saturday 2nd April.


(thanks to keri1998 on MSE)


oooooooh, they are not charging you to vacuum your own car!! oO


Do you know which stores are participating??


Do you know which stores are participating??

Have a look in the finder, on the drop down that says promotions

Nice one


Feeling HOT HOT HOT Nice!

Very useful if you can't park near your house.

not a single one in the whole of Devon. How the hell am i going to clean my tractor now :P

LOL at the finder, Belfast is only 4.6 miles away from Cheshire

lovely, 2 in Leeds

hot one in blackpool yeahhhhh

yes yes 1 in Bradford cant wait lol

Heat added, even though none near me! Good offer for people who use their cars at work, mine's a mess as a delivery driver!!


cool got a couple near me, will have no excuse not to clean the car now. cheers

Our total garage never accepts vouchers and the guy behind the counter is a miserable so and so...

Shock horror - the closest total to me doing this promo is 27 miles away! And there are 3 in my area. Useless.

USELESS!, so me and dad go to one round corner that says on website is participating, go inside show him voucher he's clueless, shows colleague same clueless, hands it back, ask why not he says to go the one down the road I said that one doesnt participate in the free vac. Useless!, so ask to see manager there is none on site, ring this number.

Oh it's an 0870, I have to pay, ring it at home luckily free today over weekend, speak to lady oh she says the management only work on monday-friday, ring monday ffs its only valid today.


No problems for me after presenting voucher they issued me with a code which is valid for 4 days. You just punch it into the machine and you get 4 minutes of free vaccuming : I only wished i had printed the PDF voucher a few times: would have got the boot done too. I thought the Vaccum was rubbish: no power : no pickup ; a muted sound. Vaccum at home at least two times better.

Yup - this company is TOTAL shambles. I went once to get windscreen fluid. Put a pound in - it didnt work. Went to the desk and was told "did you not see the out of order sign?" Said there wasnt one and he came out to see there wasnt. Then said I need to ring head office for a refund (at 25p per min). So didnt bother.

I have emailed a complaint to confused.com, I will let you know the outcome.

Just to update you on my complaint to confused.com they it was a error on totals behalf, and am getting £20 john lewis vouchers, so it does pay to complain.
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