Free Tomato Seeds from Heinz (Set amount each day)

Free Tomato Seeds from Heinz (Set amount each day)

Found 23rd Mar 2016
Looks like we all win according to 8.2b below. I just entered and got this:
Thank you. Your seeds are on the way.

Seems to be a set amount each day so try the next day of your not successful.

1. Entry is open to UK residents, aged 18, employees and their families of H.J. Heinz Foods UK Ltd (“the Promoter”), and each of its group companies, their agents or anyone professionally connected with this Promotion (“Heinz Tomato Ketchup Grow Your Own” on the Heinz UK Facebook Page).

2. If a participant is under 18, full parental consent must be obtained before participating.

3. The promotion starts on 9th March 2016 and ends on 17th April 2016 “The Promotional Period”.

4. All entries/comments through third parties or agents will be deemed invalid.

5. By participating with Grow Your Own 2016, users will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted all of the “Terms and Conditions” and agree to be bound by them.

6. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Entrants understand that if they are selected to be the winner they are providing their information to H.J. Heinz Foods UK Ltd and not to Facebook.

7. Information regarding personal data, which is provided by users when submitting an entry, via the sign-up forms, will be processed in a database for the purpose of managing this competition. Such information will not be used for any other purpose than as stated in these ‘Terms and Conditions’ or as separately accepted by users. If a user has via a separate way (outside of this competition) agreed to receive communications from H.J. Heinz Foods UK Ltd or a third party Multiply then their personal data may be used by them for such purposes, including direct marketing.


8.1a The “Win Heinz Seeds” Instant win competition is live for the duration of the Grow Your Own campaign period: 9th March 2016 – end 17st April 2016.

8.1b To enter the competition, users must select the ‘Click here to enter’ button on the landing page of the micro-site to compile their entry.

8.1c Incomplete entries will not be entered into the competition.

8.1d Fans may enter up to 3 times and win a maximum of three packets of Heinz Tomato Seeds.

8.1e There are twenty thousand packets of seeds available to win during the Competition Period. These seeds are only being distributed to the provided address of the winners if this address is within the specific country this competition is held in.

8.2a The number of seed packets that are available to win each day of the competition on the micro-site will be controlled and limited, allowing as many people as possible to have the chance to win seeds over the duration of the campaign.

8.2b If the amount of seeds won per day reaches the limit, the customer will be notified immediately and will be asked to return to win seeds the next day.
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Cheers. ..on there way.....
Thanks, mine are on the way too, heat added.
Thank you. Got some too!
none left
all gone, will try again tomorrow, thanks OP
Tells me, my seeds are on the way..:D
Not sure why its been expired ? It expires on 17th April. There are a limited number free each day.
My seeds are on their way, thanks
Tried earlier & said they'd all gone. Just tried again and they're sending some out. Heat, thanks.
Got mine don't no why ha
Isn't it already too late for growing tomatoes from seed this year?
It's a bit irritating the website lets you spend time completing all your details only to then tell you they've all gone for today, why not tell you that beforehand? Anyway I'll try again tomorrow morning.

According to Google mid March is the perfect time to plant seeds, just hope if I get any they're sent out promptly!!
Sorry, we have run out of seeds for today. Please come back tomorrow and try again
Thnx for the deal but i prefer to grow salad type tomatoes for their flavor, these from heinz will be larger plum type bred for cooking. For cooking i prefer to buy italian tinned tomatoes ready peeled and lots of flavor.
Still plenty of time to sow seeds for those who have not done it though. I had mine sown in the first week of march and they should be ready for pricking out next week (i hope). No bid deal apart from the fact that all three types i had sown were 3 years past their use by date and i could see no difference in the germination rate
Just got some - thanks!
Just got mine, thank you.
This may help for those who didn't get the free seeds…DII
11:26 and none left for today, lol.
Got mine thank you op
I guess count resets at midnight!!
Thanks seeds on the way
Kept trying , now got some of these . Thanks Op .
Just completed the form and seeds on their way. Cheers op
Thank you ordered
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