free tool kit with various bits and bobs !!
free tool kit with various bits and bobs !!

free tool kit with various bits and bobs !!

Our free DIY Planet Repairs toolkit contains a few things that will help you make small
but effective changes around the home. These include:

Booklet - a practical guide with simple and money saving ideas
4-minute shower timer - to help you take shorter showers, saving both water and energy
DIY Planet Repairs Mug - a helpful reminder to only boil the amount you need when making a cuppa
Stickers - to help remind you to unplug, switch off and turn down
Window Sticker and badge - to show your commitment


Please note: Toolkits will only be despatched to Greater London postal addresses

shame, i would have liked this.

Only for greater London

Original Poster

awwww sorry didnt see that

Thanks, your order is now being processed! :thumbsup: Might be one of the lucky one's:santa:

PS. I live in Hampshire.

received this pack some time ago. good stuff.

mug is great - now i can show the tea lady who 'demonised' me when she caught me at the office pantry boiling enough water for tea for myself + 1 extra person! i mean, no one else was waiting for tea so why boil the whole damn kettle eh?

the timer was a good idea but it kept falling, failed by the material it's made from.

was trying to use the window sticker for car tax disc but it wouldn't stick ... can't use thick soapy water otherwise the tax disc would be ruined. any tips?
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