free toy ! one for the kids
free toy !  one for the kids

free toy ! one for the kids

register with time4toys for the kids and receive a free gift .
we did this for my son ages ago and he received 6 christmas novelty pens and although we registered i cant remember the last time they emailed me so you dont get hassled.


Hehe, their warehouse is about 2 minutes from me!! We got bubbles which don't burst last time. Very clever, although a little messy.

Thanks Sonia

Just registered...

thanks for this xx


thank you ]sonia.town

Thanks sonia managed to register 2 of my kiddies,would'nt let me do the third as they only allow 2 per household.Voted HOT


Nice one sonia, thanks :thumbsup:

thanks sonia :thumbsup:

super thanks:thumbsup:

A good freebie. :thumbsup:

We joined last year and received a Ludo game set for our nephew (waiting a few months for delivery but it was a nice surprise as I had forgotten all about it). They also have a page were you can download colouring-in pages to print.

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thanks everyone i am glad you approve of my post .Thank you for my second green square, heres to many more lol.

thanks for this - registered twice for my two little girls

thank you sonia

Thanks for this, I got one of them non-bursting bubbles last time.

Cheers for this. My son received a magnetic chess set this morning. He was over the moon.

Registered with these a while ago and I never received anything



Registered with these a while ago and I never received anything

me neither :-(

I registered with these months ago twice!..and never received a thing...I even mailed them twice to ask what was happening with the free toy....No replies.....:(

Ah fab thank you, have just registered my friends little boy

just to let you know you can only register 1 child per household now.

me too - only 1 child per household. try adding grannie's address?:)


Just got a magnetic snakes and ladders set - just right to put away as an emergency toy!

Have registered several times before and never got a thing...
Cant be the same address as I have moved since that last time...

maybe they dont like me...


thanks sonia.town only registered one of my kids the youngest hope he gets a free toy nice one:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Great link...thanks very much :-D

just gotta wait for my boys free toy now!!!!

thanks sonia :thumbsup:

Ahh well win some and lose some. Nothing received here, but it's nice to see some people got one though

Thanks for the post.

I have had the unburstable bubbles before from this site - not bad for free! Does gender make a difference to what you recieve? I have a niece who I am about to register but am going to say boy - seem to have better freebies!

joined a few weeks ago and still nothing through post :roll: :-(

still waiting glad i havent told my son

Sorry, we can only allow one Time4toys Club membership per household!

seems I am still waiting too

I have joined in the past for various cousins, but not this address. However it says this address is registered....maybe the previous house owners sent off for it :-(

spam never receive


spam never receive

I have ordered various times for different cousins, and they have never received spam but have received a gift (it just took a while)

ive just recieved a magnetic chess set for my cousin but took a while, i had forgot all about registering!
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