Free Travel Chiltern Railways
Free Travel Chiltern Railways

Free Travel Chiltern Railways

Dear All
All “Kates” “Catherines” or “Williams” get free travel on the royal wedding day by showing their photographic driving license or passport to Chiltern Railways staff.
Chiltern Railways have confirmed in their promotional literature that this offer is available on Chiltern Railways services only and only from Chiltern Railways stations.


Thats just wrong! It's as bad as saying only black/white/blonde hair or even blue eyes can ride for free :-/

yeah, I always think that too. Blacks only, smiths and jones please use other carriage. Good deal if you are a Kate or William. I wonder if other variants are applicable too, like Liam.

my mum's a Kathryn, does that count, honestly think this is a pathetic attempt to get some publicity but a freebie is a freebie, you cant really complain I suppose. Also how long do you reckon I'll be waiting for a Prince Mike

i feel abused


Reminds me of last summer ... when it was free for all the Victorias breakingtravelnews.com/new…-l/
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I have a daughter whose first name is Katerina, but I think she is far too busy at the moment for all these deals.
Thanks for finding it though Voted hot
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