Free tree for Tree O'Clock
Free tree for Tree O'Clock

Free tree for Tree O'Clock

As part of national tree week, Tree O'Clock is a world record attempt to plant the most trees in one hour. Saturday, 5th December, 11am - 12 noon.

*1 tree per family*



That's a great idea, just a shame there are none anywhere near me. Hot!


yeah i like it but none in west london.

The old Wyevale garden centers are doing this as well

I clicked expired by accident, damn trackpad, its not expired!

Mods if you read this please unexpire.


is it three o clock in ireland?

thanks.just got a lovely little year old cherry tree

couldn't find any cherry trees but got lots of all the others........... .ty.................

in my local focus (belper) there was. field maple,hawthorn,rowen,hazle,cherry,and another which escapes me. i thought the cherry would one day produce nice blossom in spring for the insects and fruit for the birds in winter.

The other variety is silver birch which i got today at my local homebase

You've pledged to plant
263,669 trees
across 67 counties

this is such a good idea. We planted 800 little trees in a hedge line about 12 years ago and they are a whole nation of birds and wildlife now. Also was given some little cherry trees, and this year they had loads of fruit Birds got most of it, but we noticed that two new trees are growing from underground runners.

One of my most popular paintings Ive sold this year are the Silver Birches--sold them in every size canvas in every colour-monochrome, browns, creams and sage green and cream--will be calling at Focas at leominster to collect a silver birch to plant--thanks for the info!
Will pass on the info to my students too!

Thanks for this - been slowly building a small wood so this will add nicely to it :thumbsup:
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