Free Tree Packs
Free Tree Packs

Free Tree Packs

Order your pack of 30 saplings now - free for schools and groups, with a special discount for families too

Plant trees
We've posted 1 MILLION trees to schools through Tree for All

Packs are sent out twice a year
You can re-order a pack every season

Order a pack of saplings:
youth groups
anyone else

learning resources and planting instructions


excellent, just emailed my Son's school telling them about it, thanks :-)

passed it on to school who are v grateful, thanks!!

Heat added, fab find.


Will send link to kids school - good find.

Heat added

the blurb says 30 tress./shrubs etc will be posted in NOV 08. don't expect anything to soon but great for giving time to plan learning around them x

This is a fantastic idea and I can only guess that they will be receiving a large number of requests.

nov when they have stopped growing is the best time to plant trees one thinks......... to move them around the garden too....

Another great find! Thank you very much.

I've passed this on to several groups and schools that my children use - Lovely deal! Thank you

Ordered some for my local school :thumbsup: shud brighten it up a wee bit :-D
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