Free Trevor Sorbie Mousse at Boots
Free Trevor Sorbie Mousse at Boots

Free Trevor Sorbie Mousse at Boots

I went to Boots today and got loads of goodies at 75% discount and plenty of the £5 and £3 vouchers as I kept going back and paying seperately. I then went to the Advantage machine and noticed that there was a special 150 extra points on the Trevor Sorbie products promotion but ,excluding shampoo and conditioners. So, I picked up a Trevor Sorbie Mousse priced at £4.49 took it to the counter handed over my £3 voucher and my voucher for 150 extra points so I actually got a FREE bottle of mousse plus they paid me a penny to take it home how's that for a bargain!!!! The 150 points offer from advantage machine is available until the end of January


Nice one
Thanks for the post :thumbsup:


There is also a trevor sorbie freshening spray that is priced at 3.99, the voucher works on this too, so they theoretically are paying 51p for you to get this when you use the £3 voucher and the 150 points

:? when i went to the machine i only got a voucher for minature sizes???

Trevor Sorbie Mousse!!! Mmmm

He should go into the dessert trade! He'd make a killing.
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