Free TripAdvisor Car Magnet (Members Only)

Free TripAdvisor Car Magnet (Members Only)

Found 21st Jun 2013
Exciting news! We're ready to ship your gift. Please enter your name and address below.

Your name and address will only be used for shipment. TripAdvisor will not otherwise release or share your private information. Also, this gift is at no cost to you.

It's simply our way of thanking you for being part of the community.

Please allow three to five weeks for delivery.

Limit one gift per member. While supplies last.
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I like it! Thank you for requesting your free gift, please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

As it is a magnet you could stick it to anything metal.X)
Trip Advisor yuck
my trip advisor luggage labels have had an enormous help in our room allocations as of late ... every little helps

Thanks, prefer this though
Three to five weeks - in case the magnets stick to the inside of the post box.

Also a warning to anyone want to send off their wedding videos to be converted to DVD - I would hold off posting them for 5 weeks!
WTF are car magnets???
I've just had an email from Tripadvisor asking me how I'm liking my Car Magnet! I'm not enjoying it at all, as it never arrived.... !
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