Free Trusteer Rapport - Anti-phishing Plug-in

Free Trusteer Rapport - Anti-phishing Plug-in

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Found 25th Feb 2009
Rapport protects login credentials and transactions, from desktop to Website,
even if a computer is infected with malware

Rapport is an incremental security service for the consumer desktop. It works standalone or alongside any desktop security solution currently used by the consumer. By taking a completely different approach from current antivirus solutions, Trusteers Rapport adds real value by protecting consumers and other end-users from financial malware and fraudulent Websites. Rapport assumes the desktop is infected. And, rather than try to clean malware from the desktop, Rapport builds a secure pipe inside the desktop which hides credentials and communication with the Website from malware and fraudulent Websites. Malware, or any other form of attack, cannot penetrate the secure pipe and cannot interfere with online banking activities.…shx


At the moment, the software is only compatible with PCs. It works with:
Windows XP and Windows Vista (32-bit edition only)
Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8
Firefox 2 and 3

drats! PC-only

RBS also offer this:


looks like it could be useful I'll give it a go. shame it dosn't work with opera though which is the main browser I use at the moment.

Not compatible with some firewalls etc either :-(
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