FREE TV Audience tickets.
FREE TV Audience tickets.

FREE TV Audience tickets.

Free audience tickets

Ive got tickets for Friday at the BBC & though I'd post one of the web sites I usually get free tickets from. This site usually gets you tickets.

If theres any shows you fancy seeing just submit the form & they email you to let you know if you got in. Usually upto 6 tickets allowed. Harry Enfields in the next couple of months. Check out their site if you fancy this.

To be informed as soon as booking opens, which is usually a few weeks before recording, please complete IN FULL and submit the details below. We shall contact you as soon as booking opens with full details and the dates available so that you may apply for tickets.

This show will take place in February and March 2007
The venue BBC TV Centre, White City, London W12
The nearest station is White City tube station
The doors open at 7pm

Tickets are limited so apply quickly.

The minimum age for the show is 16 years
Please note that sro audiences never pass on any of your personal details.


Thanks oldgot :thumbsup:

Many thanks, Harry Enfield, here I come (fingers crossed) !

i went to see jim'll fix it last week and wogan next week lol
this site is great
but be warned they tend to over send tickets out so if you get tickets be there really earley to get in

Im going tonight letssave££££££££. How early should i get there to garentuee entry?

Original Poster

This company always issue priority tickets, so you que & get in before the other ticket holders, they will tell you when to get there by to get in the priority tickets holders que in the email they send you, if you get there later you join the usual que.

Ive never been turned away yet. I took my kids & a friend each to the BBC & they loved it.

There is another site to get tickets for shows for called Applause Store. Not sure if its been metioned before but you can get tickets for Celebrity Big Brother and spin off shows, Top Gear and QI

This is the link but you have to registar.


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nice find thankkyou :thumbsup:
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