Free TV on your phone !
Free TV on your phone !

Free TV on your phone !

I just got this link on my Blackberry and it works great ! handy for watching world cup games etc. Should work on most mobiles not just blacberrys. Also saves u having to use skyfire .

First time posting , so please dont shoot me if its been posted before .

just tap in yamgo.mobi in ur mobile browser.



what link?


watching football on a mobile - great...

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Why expired ?

it,ll cost quite abit tho?

Just tried it on my HTC touch 2 and works great, thanks.

Tried this on my Desire but not as good as TV Catch Up which is now available on your mobile - m.tvcatchup.com/

doesnt work too well on iphone i'll stick to TVCatchup

hey thanks ceekay4uuuu for the link and is it just me or are some of the channels not working?

works great on the E71.


both tvcatchup and yamo work on T-mobile Puls Mini

wooop finally, was hoping slingplayer would be out by now, but this will tide oe over till then.

i tried tv catch up on my ipod it says i need a flash player any links guys plz it says cant put abode on there.

hi doesn't work on lg501
but have some heat anyway good call
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