Free TV Show Audience Tickets
Free TV Show Audience Tickets

Free TV Show Audience Tickets

I saw this in the metro newspaper today. New TV Show called "You're back in the room" has free audience tickets for tuesday 20th Jan & wednesday 21st Jan 2015. Show is hosted by Philip Schofield and doors open at 5:45pm. You can get up to 4 tickets, you just need to register online first (took me 30secs to register).

Where: The London Studios, Upper Ground, London, SE1 9LT.

lostintv.com or 020 8530 8100

There are tickets for other shows too


Seems like a good deal.

Its not guaranteed though...

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I'm not sure if they just have to say that but i received my tickets within 2hrs.

Sounds dire.

They overbook these viewings by a lot and if people didn't get into earlier filming on the day, then they get priority tickets. it's a bit of a fight to get in.

My wife and I have been to many TV show screenings and yes they overbook by 30% to make sure the audience is full. If you fail to make it through to the studio they give you priority tickets for the next filming.
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